About Us

AlfaFarma is one of the important companies to bring targeted treatments to patients. With our combined strength in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics, we are better equipped than many other company to further drive personalised healthcare. Two-thirds of our Research and Development projects are being developed with companion diagnostics.

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How We Started

In the year 2006, through our commitment to research and innovation, Alfafarma continues to make steady advances in drug therapy that will replace more expansive treatments and shorten hospital stays.

Combined with our strength in biotechnology, the company paves the way to the future of healthcare with innovations in areas such as personalised healthcare.

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We Are Trusted Company

The increased focus on innovation and biotechnology lead to important advances in diagnostic techniques and medicines aimed at molecular targets. As a result, many diseases can be detected earlier and treated more specifically. The full integration with biotech pioneer follows acquisitions of other key players in life science research, gene sequencing and tissue diagnostics.

These strengthen Alfafarma’s access to innovation and new technologies and drive its commitment to more targeted treatments that, ultimately, make personalised healthcare a reality.

The Management Team

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Spc. Dr. Bilal Calis


Mr. Spc. Dr. Bilal Calis is Founder of AlfaFarma and serving as Chief Executive Officer. Dr. Bilal Calis is a Clinical Biochemistry Specialist, trained in highly specialized university hospitals. He graduated from Istanbul University, Medicine Faculty which is one of the top medical school in Turkey. He is also Creator of The Magic Orbis Operating System.

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Emre Ozdemir

CTO / Managing Partner

Mr. Emre Ozdemir, aged 39, is Chief Technology Officer and Lead Computer Scientist of Alfa Farma. He has nearly 20 years experience on computer technologies, especially cyber security and enterprise computer networks, as well as important perspectives on innovation, management development, and global challenges and opportunities.

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Doruk Oguz

Strategic Planner

Mr. Doruk Oguz is, 33 years old former IT systems analyst with a diverse knowledge in a wide variety of domains such as IT, social sciences, philosophy, history, game theory & strategic planning, fintech, fund/asset/risk management and crypto economic revolution.